Thanks to everyone who joined us

for last Thursday’s

Once-A-Year Fundraising Dinner.  

It was a lovely and memorable evening.

fundraising dinner table with guests 2014

One of the highlights of the evening
(besides the delicious local meal
and elderberry cocktails by TOPO Organic Spirits)
was this Matching Grant Opportunity announced
by Frank Phoenix of the Fenwick Foundation.
If you weren’t able to make it to the dinner, but want to help support our work, Click here to make a donation *before Friday at midnight.* Your gift will be DOUBLED by this Matching Grant Opportunity!

Here’s a note from Frank to you:
“I spoke last Thursday night at the annual fundraising dinner about why I contribute to Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute. And I offered a challenge to encourage others to give. The challenge: I will match dollar for dollar every gift of $100 or more made between now and Friday at midnight (10/31/14). Here is why:”
“Something big is happening.  It is now all but impossible to deny what we are doing the planet. Google founder Eric Schmidt, on NPR called those who try and deny climate change ‘liars.’ Schmidt is the modern corporate CEO. The age of denial by CEOs is passing. Something big is happening.”
“What many of us have known for a while is becoming mainstream. It is now all too clear that our Western way of life is changing our Earth, threatening our very existence as humans. So the obvious question is: “What’s next?”
“One really good answer: Places like PMEI all over the world, cultivating and living a new way of being. It is paradoxical, it is happening globally and locally.”
“This is why I give money to PMEI today, for the potential PMEI holds for this area we call home. So please don’t be shy spending your money and mine. I will match, dollar for dollar, your gift to PMEI between now and midnight on Halloween.”

Online donations are quick and easy.
 Click here to make yours now.

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