Week-Long Summer Day Camps

Still spaces available in this experience of Deep Connection with the Natural World.

Children explore the Magic of Forest, Field, Stream, and Farm…

with Leaders who are Skilled, Fun, and Engaging.

Art, Music, and Play weave together to create a week of Special Memories!

Our new Neighbor, The Honeysuckle Tea House, is now opened!

Please visit this special place!


Have you seen this video about

the Odyssey Fellowship Program?

samvidsmaller from Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute on Vimeo.

Check out our Video, Summer 2013!
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“Our present urgency is to recover a sense of the primacy of the Universe as our fundamental context, and the primacy of the Earth as the matrix from which life has emerged and on which life depends. Recovering this sense is essential to establishing the framework for mutually enhancing human-Earth relations for the flourishing of life on the planet.” –Thomas Berry